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The Great Lakes Circle Tour is the main route of a system of scenic routes, in both the United States and Canada, which encircle the Great Lakes. The main Great Lakes Circle Tour was designated in 1988 and runs around all five of the Great Lakes. Along the way it passes through eight states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The route system also includes routes that circle the individual lakes: the Lake Michigan Circle Tour, the Lake Superior Circle Tour, the Lake Huron Circle Tour, and the Lake Erie Circle Tour.

Relive your good times around the Great Lakes with our replica Great Lakes Circle tour marker. It shows the silhouettes of all of the Great Lakes, surrounded by the same “Circle Tour” ring that appears on the individual lakes’ signs. It’s just like the original; no detail has been spared! Signs like these do appear on the collector’s market from time to time, but the vast majority of them have either been recycled or remain in service along the route. With our replica, you can get an excellent display piece without the hassle and expense of legally obtaining an original.

Our Great Lakes Circle Tour sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge Indiana steel, right here in the USA. It has a glossy, non-reflective coating that will allow it to stand up to the elements when installed outdoors, even in the harsh winters of the Great Lakes region. And, of course, it looks great indoors too! Wherever you choose to display it, installation will be easy with its included mounting holes. Select the size that best fits your needs:

  • 12 in. × 12 in.
  • 16 in. × 16 in.
  • 24 in. × 24 in. (actual size as appears along the highways)
  • 36 in. × 36 in. (oversize marker that appears in certain situations where high visibility is needed)

Got another scenic byway that you might like a sign for? Or perhaps you’d like an Interstate, US, or state route marker? Perhaps you’re looking for a welcome, directional, or warning sign. No matter what kind of road sign you’re looking for, we can help! Just place a custom order by contacting Jake today!

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