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Illinois state route 1 is a road that traverses almost the entire length of Illinois, paralleling the state’s border with Indiana. The route runs from the ferry crossing at Cave-in-Rock at the Kentucky border to the south side of Chicago as Halsted Street. Along its journey, this road travels through the Shawnee National Forest, Danville, Chicago Heights (where it has a junction with the famous Lincoln Highway), Harvey, and eventually Chicago, where the route ends. Portions of Illinois state route 1 are also part of the historic Dixie Highway and Vincennes Trail (sometimes called Vincennes Trace).

This particular sign has been faithfully recreated from the specs in use in Illinois from 1935 until 1974 along this and other state routes throughout Illinois. It has been painstakingly replicated so you can rest assured that this will have even the most discerning collectors sticking their noses into the sign and they will still find no inaccuracies. Relive your treasured memories of fun times with loved ones that you had along this state-long route with our replica; it’s just like the original!

This sign is flat printed in the USA on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective, with a glossy finish to make it look as close as possible to the vintage porcelain signs in use during the period of use for this sign. Also like the porcelain signs, our signs are durable enough to withstand the elements, no matter the climate.

Choose the size that works best for you! We offer it in the 12 in. × 18 in. size you would have found on the road, as well as a scaled-down 10 in. × 15 in. or scaled-up 14 in. x 21 in., 20 in. x 30 in., or a two-panel 30 in. × 45 in. size to help meet your unique display needs. All five sizes include two convenient mounting holes (more for the 30 in. x 45 in. size). We have hundreds and hundreds of road signs in our library, including several from Illinois! We are also always looking for new designs! Looking for something you can’t find on our site? Just contact Jake to place a custom order!

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