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K-5 is a highway in northeast Kansas. It begins at US-73/K-7 in Leavenworth, then proceeds southeast into Lansing. Following Wolcott Drive, it winds its way through the hills, roughly paralleling the course of the Missouri River. As it enters Kansas City, K-5 hops onto I-435 for a few miles, exiting from the highway near the site of the old Woodlands race track. It proceeds due east from here along Leavenworth Road, until it reaches I-635. It overlaps this interstate for a couple of miles as well, then splits off onto its own freeway. The highway finally comes to an end at 7th Street Trafficway (US-69) in the Fairfax district.

Our K-5 marker is a faithful recreation made to the precise Kansas Department of Transportation standards issued circa 1985. Inside the distinctive gold sunflower emblem, the state route number, 5, appears in the same Series D font found on modern-issue signage. Our Kansas highway markers are flat printed on high-quality, heavy-gauge steel right here in the USA. They make excellent gifts, or a wonderful addition to any collection of Kansas highway memorabilia. Display them in any garage, bar, man cave, or any room needing a touch of Great Plains charm!

We offer our K-5 marker in sizes ranging from 12 inches square up to 36 inches square. It is non-reflective, making it excellent for indoor or outdoor display. These signs are weatherproof, too; they will easily withstand both the scorching summers and the snowy winters typical of the Kansas City area. If you would like a different size or highway number, please do not hesitate to ask about custom orders.

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