California State Route 1 highway marker



California’s State Route 1 is one of the most well-known state highways in the United States. Also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, State Route 1 runs along the coast of California, linking Los Angeles with the San Francisco Bay Area. It serves as a more scenic alternative to the more utilitarian U.S. 101 and Interstate 5 further inland. Many California landmarks, including the Big Sur coastline and the Golden Gate Bridge, are found on State Route 1.

We’ve made our California State Route 1 marker according to the exact California standards for signs of this type. We offer it in both the classic black-and-white 1957 version, and the modern 1964 standard. An updated version of this shield is still in use to the present day on this famous highway. It is flat printed in the United States on a heavy-gauge steel blank in the shape of a miner’s spade. As with all our signs, we’ve used a completely accurate layout and FHWA Series fonts.

This sign is available in 3 sizes: 17.8 × 18.7 inches, 23.75 × 25 inches, or the freeway size, 35.6 × 37.3 inches. All three sizes come with mounting holes pre-drilled for your convenience. It is a non-reflective sign —perfect for ordinary display, indoors or outdoors. If you would like a size not listed here, or another route number in the same design, contact Jake to place a custom order.

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1957 (white), 1964 (green)


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