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K-9 is the second-longest state highway in Kansas. The highway crosses the north-central part of the state from west to east. It begins near the western Kansas town of Dresden, extending over 300 miles to its eastern end in Lancaster. Along the way, it passes through the small town of Cawker City, the site of the world’s largest ball of twine. The twine ball can be viewed directly from K-9, inside its pavilion along the side of the road.

Our K-9 marker is a faithful recreation made to the exact Kansas Department of Transportation standards as of 1985. It displays the state route number, 9, in the Series D font accurate to the original, inside of the distinct gold sunflower outline. It is flat printed on high-quality, heavy-gauge steel. This sign makes a great gift, or addition to any collection of Kansas highway memorabilia.

We offer our K-9 marker in a range of sizes, from 12 inches square up to 36 inches square. It is non-reflective, making it excellent for indoor or outdoor display. If you would like a different size or highway number, please do not hesitate to ask about custom orders.

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12 × 12 in., 15 × 15 in., 24 × 24 in., 36 × 36 in.

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