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The Lake Superior Circle Tour entirely surrounds Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. Designated in 1988, this scenic route passes through the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, as well as the Canadian province of Ontario. Along the route, you’ll find special signs to guide you along the route, showing a silhouette of the lake as seen from above. The Lake Superior Circle Tour belongs to a larger system of scenic routes called the Great Lakes Circle Tour, with routes encircling each of the lakes.

Relive the fun times you’ve had along the Lake Superior shoreline with our replica Lake Superior Circle Tour sign. We’ve made it to be an precise recreation of the original signs you’ll find along the route. We’ve even used the same fonts used by the highway department to make these signs! It’s as close as you can to get to the real thing without going to Lake Superior! With our replica, you can avoid the hassle and expense of the collector’s market while still getting the display piece you want!

Our Lake Superior Circle Tour sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy, non-reflective finish. It makes a perfect addition to your home decor, while also standing up to the harsh Great Lakes winters when installed outside. Wherever you choose to install it, we’ve included pre-drilled holes to make it easier. Take your pick from the following sizes:

  • 12 in. × 12 in.
  • 16 in. × 16 in.
  • 24 in. × 24 in. (the most commonly-installed size in the field)
  • 36 in. × 36 in. (sometimes used in situations where extra visibility is necessary)

If you’ve got unique needs that require a size not shown here, we can help! We can also make just about any other road sign you might want to have on your wall. Can’t find it on our site? Place a custom order! It’s easy—just contact Jake to get started!

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