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Most state transportation departments run some form of Adopt a Road program. These programs allow organizations to sign up to “adopt” a stretch of road, from which the organization then removes litter left behind by careless motorists. Thus, the public is able to enjoy clean highways without having to pay for litter removal. In turn, the government installs signs along the road crediting them for their service. This serves as a bit of free advertising and helps establish goodwill among the public.

Since Louisiana established its Adopt a Road program, it has featured a graphic of a pelican, the state bird. In a disturbing bit of ambiguity, it is preparing either to dispose of, or eat, a piece of trash. Either way, we can be sure the pelican is preventing the litter from reaching the ground. May we all be so vigilant. Although some very minor details of the sign have changed over the years, the same basic design that was used in the 1980s is still in use today. It normally appears with a separate sign bearing the name of the group responsible for the road installed beneath it.

Our Louisiana Adopt a Road pelican sign is an exact replica of one of the early markers used along Louisiana’s roads. We’ve used photographs of actual retired signs to create a replica more or less indistinguishable from the originals. It makes a great addition to any man cave, bar, garage, office, or anywhere else needing a touch of bayou flair!

Our Louisiana Adopt a Road pelican sign is flat printed here in the United States on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its non-reflective high-gloss coating makes it a great addition to the scenery both indoors and outdoors. Pick from sizes as small as 10 in. × 12 in., all the way up to 30 in. × 36 in. No matter which you choose, it’ll come with two mounting holes for easy installation. (Wanting this sign in a size not listed here! We can make it happen! You can also ask us about just about any road sign, from Louisiana or elsewhere. We can make it! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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