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The Wetlands Cultural Trail is one of nineteen scenic routes in the Louisiana’s Trails & Byways program. These trails were organized in 1991, when the United States Congress created the National Scenic Byway Program to help promote trails throughout the country just like these. The Wetlands Cultural Trail runs for 282 miles (454 km) through the southeastern part of Louisiana, just southwest of New Orleans. This particular route showcases the wetlands and their ecological importance. All along the route, visitors can learn the stories and embrace the culture of the shrimpers, trappers, and farmers who have relied on the wetlands for their way of life over hundreds of years.

The Wetlands Cultural Trail winds from Raceland all the way to Thibodaux. It follows the path dictated by the twists and turns of the surrounding waters. Along the way, the byway passes through the Bayou Lafourche Area, Bayou Terrebonne Area, and a number of communities along the water. This trail even provides ways to experience different types of water: freshwater swamp, brackish marsh, and the salty ocean waters of the Gulf of Mexico. All along the route, you’ll find signs to guide the way, bearing the image of a pelican taking flight.

Our replica Wetlands Cultural Trail marker is made to the exact specifications used by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to create the original signs. Every aspect of the sign, from the font, to the pelican, to the little Louisiana at the top are all exactly like the signs posted on the roads. It’s just like having the real thing—except without risking a very stressful run-in with the Louisiana patrol officers!

Our Wetlands Cultural Trail sign is flat-printed on high quality, heavy 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective and incredibly durable (even when it’s out in the elements!). That means it will look amazing, no matter where you put it, for years to come. We offer it in the same 24-inch × 42-inch size you’ll find out in the swamps and bayous of the wetlands. You can also get it in one of our convenient scaled-down versions, as small as 8 in. × 14 in., or our colossal 36 in. × 63 in. size. No matter which size you choose, we’ve included mounting holes to make hanging it up as easy as spotting gators in a swamp. (Looking for another Louisiana Trails & Byways sign, or one from another state? Or maybe this sign in a size not shown here? We can help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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