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The Texas Tropical Trail is one of the ten scenic byways in the Texas Legacy Trails system. In 1968, the Governor of Texas, John Connally, and the Texas Highway Department set up these routes to encourage recreational travel throughout the state. Every one of the trails was a loop overlaid upon the state highways in the various regions of Texas. In 1998, the Texas Historical Commission expanded the Texas Legacy Trails program beyond the routes themselves. They split Texas into ten tourism districts, each one revolving around one of the trails. The objective is to bring new travelers to the memorable historical and cultural destinations in each district (and therefore increase the amount of tourism dollars spent in smaller towns throughout Texas).

The Texas Tropical Trail forms a loop through South Texas, connecting Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville, and Corpus Christi. The Texas Department of Transportation marks the trail’s route with distinctive blue and white signs bearing the silhouette of a palm tree. Our replica of these signs is made with the same specifications TxDOT and the Historical Commission use to create the original signs. Our signs use the same palm tree image, fonts, and layout as the signs you’ll see out on the road. This faithful replica is just like having the real thing in your hands—except without coming under suspicion by the Texas Rangers!

Our Texas Tropical Trail sign is flat printed on sturdy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy but non-reflective finish makes it a handsome display piece that will add to any space’s decor. It’ll hold up well for years, whether installed indoors or outdoors. Choose from one of five sizes, from 14 inches by 8 inches all the way up to a colossal 63 inches by 36 inches. Mounting holes have been included for easy installation.

Be sure to check out our Texas Interstate, US route, and state highway markers for great companion pieces to this sign! And we can make any road sign from any state, too, not just Texas! Have something in mind, but can’t find it on our site? Just give us a holler; custom orders are our specialty!

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