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The Beartooth Highway is a 69-mile stretch of US Route 212 straddling the Montana–Wyoming state line, leading up to Yellowstone National Park. The road is named for the rugged Beartooth Mountains it traverses. The highway is very winding, with multiple switchbacks and hairpin turns as it climbs over 5,700 feet in only 12 miles. Due to heavy snow, the highway is normally only open from May to October each year; poor weather conditions still often close the highway, even in summer. However, despite the technical challenges, should one brave the Beartooth Highway, the views are second to none. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration has designated the Beartooth Highway an All-American Road. Only 31 highways in the country carry this designation, the highest class of scenic byway in the United States. In fact, CBS commentator Charles Kuralt once declared the Beartooth Highway “the most beautiful drive in America.”

Along with the usual signs for US-212, since 2002, unique signs along the Beartooth Highway highlight its designation as an All-American Road. These signs show a artistic rendition of US-212 making its ascent up Beartooth Pass. This iconic scene is complemented with bear pawprints and a native wildflower.

We’ve recreated the Beartooth Highway sign to let you bring a piece of the journey to Yellowstone home with you. Our replica precisely reproduces every detail of these signs, from the colors to the layout to the fonts used. Originals of these signs are very rare to find scrapped or on the collectors’ market. Most extant examples enjoy their active service on the highway, under the watchful eye of the national park rangers. With our replica, you can own an excellent display piece, without chancing legal trouble.

Our Beartooth Highway sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Our replica is non-reflective for easier display as part of your home decor, but it still easily withstands the elements outdoors as well. We can make it in sizes from 9.6 in. × 12 in. up to 24 in. × 30 in.  All sizes include two mounting holes for your convenience. (If you would like a different size version, please ask, as we can certainly make one! Feel free to inquire about other scenic byways as well!)

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