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Michigan’s “Water Wonderland” state line sign was used beginning in 1957 and into the 1960s. This sign features a two-color depiction of the then-brand-new Mackinac Bridge that links the two peninsulas of Michigan. Above the bridge are the words “welcome to Michigan”. Beneath a wavy line representing the waters of the Great Lakes are the words “Water Wonderland”.

Step back in time with our replica Welcome to Michigan, Water Wonderland sign. It’s a precise duplicate of the original sign, made from fifty-year-old historic photos taken when it was in use. To our knowledge, every original sign of this design was destroyed years ago. With our replica, you can bring it back to life and hold a piece of Michigan history in your hands.

Our Water Wonderland sign is a high quality, 14-gauge steel sign made with good, honest American labor. Its glossy, non-reflective finish can withstand the elements outdoors, even through a harsh Michigan winter. It’s also right at home in any garage, bar, man cave, or any other indoor space. Choose one of four different sizes, from 17½ × 7 in. all the way up to the massive 80 in. × 32 in. size. All four sizes come with convenient pre-drilled mounting holes.

We can make any welcome sign for any state or province! We can also customize our existing designs to your needs. Want this sign in a different size, or different colors? We can do that! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.

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