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On occasion, drivers will collectively fail to obey a posted traffic control device. In some cases, this is due to confusion; in others, drivers may perceive an advantage to not following the rules. Whatever the cause, highway officials must deal with such drivers to ensure safe operation of the transportation network. Signage emphasizing the intended operation is often one line of defense in these situations. Edgewater, New Jersey, posted one such sign under their traffic signals in the 1930s, reading “MOVE ON GREEN ONLY”. This was likely brought about due to drivers using signals other than the one facing them to time when it may be safe to run the red light. This would allow them to cut off oncoming traffic to make a furious left turn.

We’ve taken the classic Edgewater Move On Green Only sign and brought it back to life for your enjoyment. We meticulously made this sign based on historic photos of a real example in the field as of about 1940 or so. Our replica uses the road sign fonts accurate to the period. Even a seasoned collector would have no idea that it’s not the genuine article!

Our Move On Green Only sign is flat printed on quality 14-gauge steel. Its durable, non-reflective finish ensures you can display it both indoors and outdoors; we’ve even provided convenient mounting holes for hanging. We offer it in the same 12 inch × 18 inch size as the original. We also offer a scaled-down 10 × 15 inch and a scaled-up 24 × 36 inch. (Want this sign in a size not available here? Or perhaps a different sign from this era? Custom orders are our specialty! Just contact Jake to get started.)

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