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The Zia are one of the indigenous peoples of the U.S. state of New Mexico. Both the sun and the number four are sacred to the Zia. The Zia represent the sun with a circle with four groups of four rays pointing in the cardinal directions. The state of New Mexico has adopted the Zia sun symbol as one of its state symbols, and it appears on the state flag, as well as on highway signage. The Zia sun symbol also appears on signage located at each entrance to the state on the minor state highways. This particular design, dating from the 1960s, is believed to be extinct in the wild. The last one of these was spotted at the end of the Oklahoma panhandle in 2008, its Zia symbols completely faded.

Our replica of the New Mexico Zia welcome sign is precisely recreated from photos of original signage in the field. Every detail is an exact duplicate of the 1960s-era original, from the fonts to the precise layout of the sign. Don’t bother spending your time and hard-earned money tracking down an original of this design. Since they’ve vanished from the field, they’re likely to command high prices on the collector’s market. With our replica, you can enjoy this bit of New Mexico history at just a fraction of the price!

Our New Mexico zia welcome sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. This is a non-reflective sign, suitable for any bar, man cave, office, or anywhere else needing a bit of southwestern flair. You can display it indoors as well; we’ve tested our signs against the elements in the New Mexico desert and know from experience they will stand up.  Choose from sizes ranging from 16 in. × 8 in. all the way up to 72 in. × 36 in. Every sign we sell includes two pre-drilled mounting holes for your convenience. (Wanting this sign in a size not listed here? Or perhaps a different welcome sign, from New Mexico or elsewhere? Or something entirely different? Custom orders are our specialty! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)


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