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Most of the western states along US Route 66 constructed their Interstate upgrades by directly upgrading the existing highway. In Oklahoma, however, the state had already built toll roads parallel to Route 66 between Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the Missouri line. That made it practical to simply apply the Interstate 44 designation to the turnpike and leave Route 66 alone. However, when US 66 was stricken from the national rolls in the early 1980s, that meant a new highway number was needed for the old road. In 1985, the Oklahoma Transportation Commission voted to keep the highway numbered 66 and just make it a state highway, rather than a U.S. route. State Highway 66 exists to the present day, and retains much of the charm of historic Route 66. It offers the best of both worlds: the time-capsule experience of a jaunt along old Route 66, but with all of the benefits of modern state highway maintenance.

It goes through St. Louie, Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City lookin’ mighty pretty.

Bobby Troup, “Route 66”

At the time State Highway 66 was created, Oklahoma state highways were signed with a plain white circle. In 2006, however, in anticipation of the state’s centennial the following year, Oklahoma introduced a new state highway marker for its state highways. This design shows the outline of Oklahoma in black on a white background, with the route number superimposed over the state’s southern border. (The collector community often calls this the “meat cleaver” design.) Some of the first instances of these markers were installed on State Highway 66 around Arcadia, and they continue to be made and installed to the present day.

Our Oklahoma State Highway 66 sign replica is made according to the exact standards Oklahoma DOT introduced in 2006. In fact, given that it’s Oklahoma, it’s probably more accurate to the standard than the majority of ODOT-made markers are! Original markers like this do come up on the collector’s market from time to time, although they frequently command a substantial premium due to their association with the Mother Road. Our replica lets you get a sign just like the one you want, without having to compete with other collectors for a limited supply.

Our Oklahoma State Highway 66 marker is flat printed in the USA on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its durable finish will withstand most anything the Oklahoma weather would throw at it (excepting possibly a tornado, of course). It’s also non-reflective, making it an attractive addition to any home’s decor. We’ve included mounting holes, to make installation easy, no matter where you choose to display it. We offer it in the following sizes:

  • 12 inches square (for those with a limited space or budget)
  • 16 inches square (matches the size of classic US 66 signs posted before the Interstate System)
  • 24 inches square (the actual size of most markers installed on  Oklahoma highways)
  • 36 inches square (the size posted along the freeway sections of SH-66 in Oklahoma City and Tulsa)

We can make this style of sign for any state highway in the Sooner State, from 1 to 412P! We can also make it in any size you might need, even those not listed here. And we can make any Interstate, or U.S. Route marker too, as well as directional, distance, welcome, and warning signs. Anything you might want, even if it’s not on our site—just contact Jake to place your custom order!

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