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An age-old problem in traffic engineering is how to handle vehicles traveling too quickly. Despite the presence of well-signed speed limits, many drivers will still simply drive too fast. This is particularly problematic in construction zones; fast-moving vehicles put road workers at risk. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has taken a very eye-catching approach. At each work zone, they post a sign with the all-caps admonition “YOU SLOW DOWN”. To emphasize the message, there is a drawing of a finger pointing directly at the driver. It’s hard not to take the message personally, which of course is exactly what PTC intended!

We’ve precisely recreated the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s YOU SLOW DOWN signs for your enjoyment at home. Every detail is made according to the various standards used by the PTC from the 1950s through the present day. Early signs were yellow and red. By 1962, this had changed to just yellow. In the 1980s, it was changed to black and orange to match modern standards for construction signage. We’re happy to offer all three variants to you. Relive those days of long road trips on the Pennsylvania Turnpike by adding any one of them to your garage, bar, den, or anywhere else!

Our YOU SLOW DOWN signs are flat printed on heavy gauge steel. Their glossy, weatherproof finish is non-reflective, meaning it looks great, indoors or out. Pick your color, then choose from one of four sizes, from 15 in. × 10 in., all the way up to 42 in. × 28 in. All of them come with two convenient pre-drilled mounting holes.

Looking for a size not listed here? Or would you like a sign like this from another state? We’re happy to help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.

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