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41st Avenue is a residential street on the west side of San Francisco. It runs north and south, existing in three segments. The southernmost is a short stretch that begins just at Sloat Boulevard, just north of the San Francisco Zoo, and ends at a T-intersection with Wawona Street, its path interrupted by the campus of Ulloa Elementary School. On the other side of the school, it picks up again at Vicente Street, running north to Lincoln Way. At Lincoln Way, the street turns into Chain of Lakes Drive as it enters Golden Gate Park. 41st Avenue begins again at Fulton Street, continuing north to Geary Boulevard, before ending at Clement Street on the edge of Lincoln Park.

Our 41st Avenue sign is made in the style first posted in 1946. This design was intended to be more visible to the automobile driver than the smaller blue signs that preceded them. The text was in legible, black, squared-off letters on a white background. They were the first signs to include the block numbers above the name of the street. The 1946 style was used until 1965, when it was replaced with a newer design using the standard highway fonts.  We’ve used photographs of these classic signs, both surviving examples and historic photos of signs in the field, to accurately recreate the signs that would have appeared on 41st Avenue during this time period. It has the block number 1400, which would be found at the intersection with Judah Street.

Our 41st Avenue street sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy, non-reflective coating that is much like that found on the original porcelain enamel signs. This lets you display it, indoors or outdoors, for years to come. We offer it in two sizes:

  • 33 in. × 11½ in. (the original size posted in the field)
  • 20 in. × 7 in. (scaled down for more economical display)

And with the following layout options:

  • Single sided with right arrow
  • Single sided with left arrow
  • Double sided

Would you like a sign like this for another street in San Francisco? Or perhaps a different block number? We can customize this sign in any way you like! We can also make you one in the newer 1965 or 2009 styles, or one of the styles used by every other city in the world! Getting started on your custom order is easy—just contact Jake!

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