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Judah Street is a major east-west street on the west side of San Francisco. It runs straight through all the way from Great Highway in the west to 5th Avenue in the west, where it changes names to Parnassus Avenue. The Muni Metro’s N Judah line runs down the inner lanes of Judah Street, from La Playa Street to 9th Avenue. Judah Street is named after Theodore Judah, chief engineer of the first transcontinental railroad.

Our Judah Street sign is made according to the standard of 1946. This style was introduced to increase visibility for motorists from that of the small blue signs previously used, with large, black, square letters on a white background. The 1946 style also introduced block numbers above the name of the street, which had never been done before in San Francisco. Signs like this were used until 1965, when newer designs using the standard highway fonts began to displace them. Using photographs of classic signs in the field, as well as examples that survived to the present day, we’ve made our sign to be a faithful replica of those posted in times past. The block number portion of the sign reads 3150, reflecting the intersection with Sunset Boulevard.

Our Judah Street sign is flat printed on rugged 14-gauge steel. With a glossy, non-reflective coating much like the porcelain enamel found on the original  signs, you can display it, indoors or outdoors with no fear of deterioration. Choose from two sizes:

  • 33 in. × 11½ in. (the original size posted in the field)
  • 20 in. × 7 in. (scaled down for more economical display)

And also three layout options:

  • Single sided with right arrow
  • Single sided with left arrow
  • Double sided

We can make a sign like this for any street and block number in San Francisco! Looking for a sign in the newer 1965 or 2009 styles, or perhaps one from a city elsewhere in the world? We can do that to! All you have to do is place a custom order with us—just contact Jake to get started.

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