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The 1960s counterculture movement is widely considered to have gotten its start in the area surrounding the intersection of Haight Street and Ashbury Street in San Francisco. Hippies from across the country arrived in the neighborhood in 1966 and 1967, attracted by readily available rental properties with low rents. The works of Hunter S. Thompson and numerous singers and songwriters of the era cemented the intersection’s place in American pop culture. Later, the San Francisco comedy scene flourished along Upper Haight. Comedians who got their start in the Haight-Ashbury district include Dana Carvey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams.

We’ve made two versions of the famous Ashbury Street sign. One is made according to the 1946 specification, which could still be found at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury during the heyday of the hippie era. We also offer the newer 1965 specification the City of San Francisco used on later issues. (This was the last style of all-capitals signage, mixed-case signs appeared in 2009.) It carries the block number 600, where the intersection with Haight Street is located.

Our Ashbury Street sign is a high-quality, heavy steel remake. The 1946 version is available in the original 33 by 11½ inch size, as well as a scaled-down 20 by 7 inch version. The 1965 version is available in three sizes: the actual-size 36 by 12 inch version, and convenient scaled-down 30 by 10 and 21 by 7 versions. Both versions are available either single or double-sided. The legends of the double-sided sign are complementary; as on the original, the arrows point in the same direction on the physical sign.

Looking for a sign like this with a different street name, block number, or style not seen here? We’re happy to help! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.

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Weight N/A
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Spec year

1946, 1965


21 in. × 7 in., 30 in. × 10 in., 36 in. × 12 in., 20 × 7 in., 33 in. × 11½ in.


Right arrow (single sided), Left arrow (single sided), Double Sided


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