Oregon Portland Madison Street at 5th Avenue humpback street sign



Our SW Madison Street at 5th Avenue street sign is an accurate recreation of the signs used in Portland, Oregon up through about 1936. This “humpback” style of sign is similar to that used in New York City at the time. This sign would have faced traffic on 5th Avenue, where Madison Street intersected it. City Hall would have been behind and to the right of the viewer while viewing this sign.

Our Portland humpback street signs are made with exacting precision. We’ve used vintage photos of signs installed in the field as reference to get every detail just right. The fonts and colors used, and the shape of the sign, are just like the original! If a sign like this ever turns up in on the collector’s market—and one hasn’t, so far as we know—it will inevitably go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Save money and make sure you get the exact sign you want with our faithful replica.

Our SW Madison Street at 5th Avenue street sign is printed on heavy, 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective, just like the original, with a glossy finish that matches the original porcelain. It’s durable enough to serve for years, indoors or outdoors. We offer it in its original 36 in. × 16 in. size, as well as two scaled-down versions (18 in. × 8 in. and 27 in. × 12 in.) for those on a space or monetary budget. All sizes include two convenient mounting holes. (Want a sign like this for another intersection in Portland, or a sign of similar vintage from a different city? We can make it happen! Contact Jake today to get started on your custom order.)

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