Texas State Highway 43 route marker (1921)



Here we have a Texas State Highway 43 sign in the 1920s style. In 1921, when state highways were an emerging new entity that needed to be cared for and maintained (at least, as a highway and not a dirt/gravel trail), several states got creative with their signage to designate these highways. Texas was one such state. The design chosen for every state highway in Texas was a star (presumably to represent the “Lone Star” in the Lone Star State), surrounded by a circle and the words “State Highway”, all contained neatly in a black and white square. Unfortunately, while being a neat design, the readability on the roads was less than ideal. Now Texas uses a plain square with a bold black border around the edges and the numbers in the middle. To be fair, the plain square is more readable at highway speeds, but it lacks the design flair of the 1921 star design. Celebrate the days when interesting designs like this were posted at frequent intervals along the Texas State Highways by adding this elegant reproduction sign to your home, garage, den, or bar today!

When Texas State Highway 43 was first proposed on April 23, 1919, the route was planned to connect State Highway 42 (about 15 miles north of Longview) to Rusk by way of Henderson. Over the next few years, the route designated as Texas State Highway 43 changed several times, and even prompted an alternate route, 43A, to sprout off at Kilgore and run to Troup. However, since 2013, the route has traveled from Henderson at its south end, through Marshall, and ends in Atlanta, Texas (right along the Texas border with Louisiana) at its north end.

We have faithfully recreated this 1921 Texas State Highway 43 sign from photos of the original sign and made it available to join your collection. Our reproduction of this rare sign is flat-printed on high quality 14-gauge steel, with a glossy finish to replicate the old-school porcelain look. We have precisely duplicated every detail of the original, from the fonts to the artwork. We have multiple sizes available, ranging from 12 in. × 12 in. all the way up to 36 in. × 36 in. for your unique display needs.

This is an extremely durable non-reflective sign—perfect for your enjoyment, indoors or outdoors. Relive the good old days of road trips in the Lone Star State by adding this classic design to your den, garage, man cave, or any other place needing a little Texas flair! (Looking for a different route or a size not listed here? Or perhaps another sign you remember from your childhood? Just ask Jake; custom orders are our specialty!)

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