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Texas is a big state. Really big. And because it’s both very big and very populated, it needs a lot of roads. So many that a simple state highway numbering system like most states have won’t work. And so Texas has many different classes of state highways, each with their own set of numbers. One of these classes is the spur system. These are short highways branching off of the main route system, connecting it to destinations that don’t have a primary highway running through them. Spur 136 is one such highway. It’s in Port Neches in Jefferson County, linking State Highway 347 to the Neches River.

Our Texas State Highway Spur 136 sign is an exact replica made according to TxDOT standards for road markers of this type. We use the official federal road sign lettering and the layout blueprints created by the state of Texas to ensure total accuracy to the signs you’ll find in real life. While Texas state highway markers come up on the collector’s market from time to time, you may be waiting quite a while to find a Spur 136 specifically. With our replica, you can get the sign you want without the time and hassle of searching for an original!

Our Spur 136 marker is flat printed in the USA on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its rugged, glossy finish will stand up to just about any weather conditions Texas might throw at it (although maybe not a tornado or hurricane, of course). It’s also non-reflective, allowing it to blend in well with any room’s decor.  Included mounting holes make it easy to install it anywhere. Choose from one of the following sizes:

  • 12 inches square
  • 16 inches square
  • 24 inches square (the actual size of route markers in Texas)
  • 36 inches square (the size posted along the freeways and other places where extra visibility is a must)

We can make a sign like this for any highway in the Lone Star State! And all of our highway markers are fully customizable. Choose your favorite route number or even a size not listed here! We can also make any Interstate, or U.S. Route marker too, as well as state highway markers in the older designs. And that’s not to mention our directional, distance, welcome, and warning signs! Got something you want, but can’t find it on our site? It’s easy to place a custom order; just contact Jake!

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