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Interstate 64 crosses the southern part of West Virginia, from west to east. It enters the state in Huntington, the state’s largest metropolitan area. From there it continues east, linking Huntington to the state capital, Charleston. There, it turns south along the West Virginia Turnpike, which also carries Interstate 77 south from here. In Beckley, Interstate 64 breaks away from the turnpike, heading east to White Sulphur Springs, where it crosses into Virginia. In all, Interstate 64 spends just under 189 miles in the Mountaineer State.

We’ve recreated the West Virginia Interstate 64 route sign using the Bureau of Public Roads’ 1957 standard. These were the specs used during the early days of the Eisenhower Interstate System. Everything about the design has been precisely replicated according to the standards, including the fonts. This particular design was used until 1971, when the modern style was implemented. As new markers of the 1957 style were rarely installed after then in many states, as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to find them. Don’t wait until one of these markers shows up on the collector’s market—if it ever does. With our replicas, you get exactly the sign you want at a fair price, with no hassles.

Our West Virginia Interstate 64 route marker is flat printed on heavy gauge steel.  It comes in four sizes, from 12 inches square to 36 inches square. It is non-reflective, allowing it to blend in perfectly with non-road-sign home decor. It’s durable enough to withstand the elements outdoors, too. (If you would like a version in a size not listed here, or an Interstate route closer to your home, please ask!)

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