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Beginning in the 1960s, Arkansas welcomed travelers to their state with the Land of Opportunity signs. These signs featured the outline of Arkansas in blue, with the words “Welcome to Arkansas” in a handwritten font. Below that, in black on a yellow field, were the words “Land of Opportunity” in cursive. Signs like this would appear at each of the road entrances from the surrounding states well into the 1980s.

Using pictures of original signs in the field, we brought the Arkansas Land of Opportunity sign back to life. Our replica makes a perfect addition to any garage, bar, man cave, office, or anywhere else needing a dash of classic Arkansas charm. Every detail of this sign has been made to be just like the original. The layout, fonts, colors—all painstakingly duplicated from the original. Signs like this one were much too large to circulate around the collector’s market after they were retired. It’s very unlikely you would be able to find an original there today; if you did, expect it to be quite expensive. Our replica saves you the hassle and expense of buying an original sign.

Our replica is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel.  Its glossy, non-reflective finish looks great indoors, but stands up to the elements outdoors as well. We’ve made it available in your choice of sizes, from 12 in. × 9.6 in. all the way up to 40 in. × 32 in. All sizes include two mounting holes for your convenience. (Looking for an older or newer Arkansas welcome sign? Or perhaps a state line sign from another state? We’re happy to help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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