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One of the primary responsibilities of the US Forest Service (USFS) is preventing wildfires. During the days when the Auto Club of Southern California (ACSC) posted signage throughout its territory, it assisted USFS by posting “Help Prevent Fires” signs. These signs normally appeared at campgrounds and other locations judged to be likely places where a wildfire might be inadvertently started.  The message “Help Prevent Fires” appears in green block font in the center of the sign. It is flanked by both the USFS and ACSC logos.

We’ve brought this classic fire prevention sign back to life for your enjoyment. Our faithful replica is painstakingly reproduced from photographs of original signage, both historic photos of signs in the field and modern photos of surviving examples. Every detail, including the fonts, layouts, and colors, is made according to the exact standards ACSC used in the 1920s. While originals of this type of sign do exist, it’s not often that they come onto the collector’s market. When they do, the laws of supply and demand ensure they often go for rather extraordinary prices! Save both time and money by choosing one of our replicas instead.

Our replica Help Prevent Fires sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy, non-reflective finish, accurately replicating the porcelain finish of classic ACSC signage. Just like the originals, this sign will stand up to the outdoor elements outdoors for years to come. Choose from sizes of 12 inches square (about 17 inches up and down between the points) and 18 inches square (about 25½ inches up and down between the points). Both sizes have three pre-cut mounting holes. (Want a size not listed here? Or are you looking for another classic auto club sign? We’d be happy to help! Contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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