California (ACSC) Inland Route, San Marcos, Escondido, San Diego, Fallbrook, Los Angeles directional sign



When the concept of the car was brand new, California’s government did not post signs along the state’s roads. Instead, two private automobile clubs shared this responsibility. The south half of the state was handled by the Auto Club of Southern California (ACSC). One of the many signs ACSC posted was along the Inland Route in San Marcos. Drivers facing this sign could turn left toward Escondido and San Diego, or right to get to Fallbrook and Los Angeles. A pair of arrows with fletching painted at their ends directed traffic in each direction. This type of arrow would be considered overly decorative by today’s standards, but such fanciful details were often found on signage of the era. ACSC proudly painted their logo in the bottom point of the sign.

We’ve brought this classic Inland Route sign from San Marcos back to life for your modern-day enjoyment. Using photos of surviving examples, we’ve created an accurate replica that looks just like the real thing! Every detail of the design—layout, arrows, fonts, and the ACSC logo—has been painstakingly recreated. Get an excellent display piece without the hassle or cost of tracking down an original with one of our replica ACSC signs.

Our replica Inland Route sign from San Marcos is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective finish is not only a close match to the porcelain finish of the original, it makes it durable enough to be installed anywhere, even outdoors under the bright Southern California sun. For maximum historical accuracy, we offer this sign in the original size of 18 inches square (about 25½ inches up and down between the points). We also have a scaled-down 12-inche-square (about 17 inches up and down between the points) version, for those seeking to save space or money. Both sizes include mounting holes to make installation simple. (We can make a sign just like this for any set of destinations, in any size! We can also make just about every kind of road sign from all over the world. Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order today!)

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