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Loveland Pass is a mountain pass straddling the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This is where US-6 crosses the mountains, reaching an elevation of 11,990 feet. Prior to the construction of Interstate 70, US-6 over Loveland Pass was the main highway west out of Denver. After I-70’s Eisenhower Tunnel opened, most traffic shifted to the Interstate. However, hazardous vehicles are not allowed in the tunnel, so they must still use the old road over Loveland Pass.

This sign is a replica of the sign you’ll find at the summit of Loveland Pass. It’s made according to the exact Forest Service standards for signs of this type. There is only one original sign like this in the world, and everyone knows exactly where it’s supposed to be. The chances of it turning up on the collector’s market anytime soon are vanishingly small. Our replica gives you a unique opportunity to take a piece of your travels through the Colorado mountains home with you.

Our Loveland Pass Continental Divide marker is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. We offer it in four sizes, from 15 in. × 10 in. all the way up to 45 in. × 30 in. Its non-reflective finish makes it a perfect display piece. Its glossy, weatherproof coating makes it suitable for display outdoors as well, even in the snowy mountains of Colorado. We’ve also included convenient mounting holes for easy installation. (Want a sign like this for another mountain pass? Or perhaps a different kind of sign altogether? Custom orders are our specialty! Just contact Jake to get started.)

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