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In the 1910s, self-propelled cars were a brand new concept. Though several roads had been built throughout California, signage was non-existent; the state had yet to provide any. Throughout Southern California, that task instead fell to the Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC). The group didn’t have the luxuries of a hundred years of traffic engineering know-how. As a result, many of the signs ACSC installed during this time period would be considered highly unusual in the present day.

One such sign is this diamond-shaped slow/right turn warning sign, which also included the distances to Big Pine, Independence, and Los Angeles. These days, federal standards dictate that warning and direction signs be kept strictly separate. Research has shown that combining them is likely to be overwhelm to the driver with information. However, ACSC did not have the benefit of that research, and so saw no issue with the two types of messages sharing the sign.

We’ve brought this classic ACSC sign back to life for your enjoyment in the present day. We’ve painstakingly recreated every detail using a surviving example as reference. The result is a sign that follows the exact standards ACSC used, down to the fonts and the layout. You can be certain that if that original ever turns up on the collector’s market, it won’t go for cheap. Get a piece of California history in your hands without breaking the bank with our replica.

Our replica ACSC signs are flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel, right here in the USA. It’s well-suited for outdoor display, with a glossy, non-reflective finish similar to the porcelain of the originals. Choose from the original size of 20 inches square (about 28¼ inches up and down between the points) and a scaled-down 12-inch-square version (about 17 inches up and down between the points). We’ve included pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation.  (Looking for a sign like this with different destinations? Maybe you’d like a size other than those shown here? Or perhaps a different kind of sign entirely? We would be happy to make a custom signs just for you! Just contact Jake today to place your order.)

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