California (CSAA) Keddie, Greenville, Lake Almanor, Susanville mileage sign



Before the government of California installed signs along the roads throughout the state, signage was provided by private organizations. In Northern California, the California State Auto Association (CSAA) performed this function. A mileage sign just like this one was originally installed in Quincy, California, along what is now State Route 89 at Alternate US 40 (present-day State Route 70). It shows the distance to the nearby towns of Keddie, Greenville, Lake Almanor, and Susanville.

Our replica of this historic mileage sign is made to the precise 1919 CSAA specifications. The association logo appears at the bottom, with its name at the sides. This version of the sign has sharp corners; later generations changed to rounded corners. This was for safety, in case an unexpected kinetic event caused the darn thing to come flying through the windshield. The fonts used are precisely recreated from those used by CSAA. This is a high quality, heavy steel remake indistinguishable from the original porcelain sign.

Our signs are flat printed on 14-gauge steel, with a high gloss finish that replicates the look of the porcelain original. Like any good road sign, it can stand up to the elements outdoors, while still look great indoors. We offer this sign in two sizes. The original is 18½ inches on a side (approximately 29 inches across the long axis, and 23 up and down the short axis). We also have a scaled-down version, approximately 18 inches across and 14 inches high, for the budget-conscious and those without much display room.

Looking for another CSAA sign? Or perhaps an Automobile Club of Southern California sign from the other end of the state? We can make these signs with any set of destinations or with any verbiage of your choice. Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.

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