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Orange County is in California’s southwest corner, bordering San Diego County to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and home to some of California’s biggest cities, such as Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine. But the county also includes a number of smaller cities, like Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente. Orange County serves as a very popular tourist destination, with many of California’s most notable attractions residing within the county. Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Bowers Museum, and Angel Stadium, among other notable destinations, make up a significant portion of the county’s economy.

Our Orange County Line sign is an exact replica of the boundary markers you’ll encounter as you enter the county on the area’s roads and highways. It is made using the exact standards put in place by Caltrans, the state’s department of transportation, for county line signs in the state of California. Our replica looks exactly like the real thing, and has the added benefit of not landing you in legal trouble for acquiring it! Our signs are scaled down from their enormous real-world sizes, so they’ll make an excellent home decor item for household display.

For exceptional longevity, our Orange County Line sign is printed on robust 14-gauge steel. It has a high-gloss, non-reflective coating that won’t fade for years, even in the Southern California sun and heat. Additionally, pre-drilled holes have been included to make posting it quick and easy! Select a size from the following range:

  • 18 in. × 8 in.
  • 27 in. × 12 in.
  • 40.5 in. × 18 in.
  • 81 in. × 36 in.

We can create a sign like this for any of California’s 58 counties! We can also create route markers, directional signs, city limit signs, and other types of road signs. Of course, we can make signs from anywhere in the world; our skills are not only restricted to California. Do you need something that isn’t on our website? To place a special order, simply reach out to Jake!

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