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The rattlesnake is the most frequent cause of snakebites in North Americas. These venomous snakes can cause life-threatening injuries, although in most cases a snakebite is survivable if promptly treated. Of course, it is far better to avoid a bite in the first place. To help prevent rattlesnake injuries, Caltrans posts special triangular warning signs in places where rattlesnakes and motorists might cross paths, such as rest areas. “Caution”, it reads. “There may be rattlesnakes in this area. Rattlesnakes are active at night during the summer. They will seek out shady places during the heat of the day. Children should be wanted not to go near any snake. Reasonable watchfulness should be sufficient to avoid snakebite.”

Show your respect for the rattlesnakes of the southwest with our replica of the California rattlesnake warning sign. We’ve made it according to the exact 1994 Caltrans S26 standards for this type of sign. They make a great addition to your cabin, garage, bar, man cave, office, or anywhere else where you’d like to add a touch of the Southwest!

Our rattlesnake warning sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is a non-reflective sign, and comes with a smooth, glossy finish that blends well with any home’s decor. You can also install it outdoors, and it will serve you well for years to come, even under the harsh desert sun. Mounting holes are included to make installation simple. Take your pick from the following sizes:

  • 13¼ in. × 11⅜ in.
  • 19¼ in. × 16½ in.
  • 26½ in. × 22¾ in.
  • 40 in. × 34⅜ in.

Is there another warning sign you’d like? We’d be happy to make it for you, no matter where in the world it’s from! And, of course, we also make route markers, welcome signs, street signs, and directional signs too! All you need to do to get started on your custom order is contact Jake!

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