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The small town of Hana on the easternmost tip of the island of Maui is one of the most remote settlements in all of Hawaii. Much of this remoteness is because of the difficulties traversing the Hana Highway. This road, the primary access to Hana, is officially designated Hawaii Route 360, but normally locals simply call it “the road to Hana”. Although not truly dangerous, the road is narrow and winding as it traverses the mountainous north Maui coastline. A traveler must cross 46 one-lane bridges along the way. Getting to Hana is a slow and arduous affair; one must really want to make it to Hana to undergo such a journey.

Our Hana Highway warning sign illustrates what a prospective traveler to Hana will have to endure. Each curve in the arrow represents a real curve along the Hana Highway between Huelo Lookout and Hana. The shield graphic in the lower-right of the sign is faithful to the Route 360 marker design in use as of about the mid-1960s. The fonts are just like those Hawaii DOT uses.

Our Hana Highway warning sign is flat printed on quality 14-gauge steel. You can display it both indoors and outdoors; we’ve even provided convenient mounting holes for hanging. This non-reflective sign comes in three different sizes, from 10 × 15 inches to 24 × 36 inches. (Looking for a size not available here? Or perhaps a similar sign for a different winding route? Custom orders are our specialty! Just contact Jake to get started.)

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