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Animal–vehicle collisions are, sadly, a major danger we all face when we get out on the road. While nobody likes the thought of hitting any animal, as the size of the animal involved increases, the risk of vehicle damage and injury to its occupants does as well. In the northern parts of the country, the possibility of hitting a moose is an important hazard a driver should be aware of. The moose’s massive size—some weighing as much as 1500 pounds (700 kg)!—and its high center of gravity, above the hood of many passenger cars, means that a small car can be completely crushed in a collision. Running into a moose can result in serious injury or even death to both the driver and the moose. A 2018 University of Massachusetts study found that some 3% of the moose in that state died as a result of traffic accidents every year.

Highway engineers take seriously such an extreme hazard to the drivers of the roads they oversee. While direct measures such as fencing can make sense in certain situations, the most cost-effective solution is increasing driver awareness. Almost every jurisdiction in the moose’s range has some form of moose warning sign. New Hampshire’s example is particularly eye-catching. An image of a moose in a yellow warning diamond appears in the upper-left corner of the sign. The sign instructs drivers to BRAKE FOR MOOSE—IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. The HUNDREDS OF COLLISIONS banner across the bottom of sign underscores the frequency of moose strikes in New Hampshire.

Show your love for the New Hampshire wilderness and respect for the fearsome moose with our replica of the Granite State’s Brake For Moose warning sign. We’ve used photos of original signs in the field to create a replica that looks just like the real thing! No detail has been spared here—everything from the moose image to the fonts used were painstakingly duplicated. Our Brake For Moose sign makes a great addition to any cabin, man cave, garage, or anywhere else!

Our New Hampshire Brake For Moose warning sign is printed on heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. Its non-reflective finish is sturdy enough to stand up to many years of harsh New England winters. Choose from one of four sizes, from 12 in. × 9 in. all the way up to a massive 40 in. × 30 in. Each size includes two convenient pre-drilled mounting holes. (All of our signs are made when you order them, so we can meet your unique display needs. That means we can customize this sign however you want! You can change the size, color, text—anything you’d like! We can also bring any other sign to life, from New Hampshire or elsewhere. Just contact Jake and we’ll get started on your custom order.)

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