Connecticut Merritt Parkway Exit 37, Route 124, New Caanan, Darien exit sign



The Merritt Parkway is a 37-mile (60-km) scenic parkway through southwestern Connecticut. It was one of the first such parkways to open in the United States, having been in operation since 1938. As part of the scenic nature of the parkway, the original signs along the road were made of wood, with jagged edges to enhance the rustic appearance of the road. However, maintaining these signs proved to be difficult.  Furthermore, federal signage standards became more stringent as more effective signage technologies, like reflective sheeting, were invented. Thus, in 2001, the state of Connecticut began an overhaul of the signage along the Merritt. The new signs were reflective, and used white-on-green text like typical freeway signage. However, the signs were done in an unusual typeface, and given a sawtooth border reminiscent of the rough-hewn edges of the previous signage. One such sign stands at the Merritt Parkway’s exit 37, for Route 124 toward New Canaan and Darien.

Revisit your experiences in New Canaan and Darien with our replica highway sign for Exit 37 from the Merritt Parkway. Using photos of the original sign as reference, we’ve made it according to the exact 2001 specifications used during the first installation of the green signs along the route. We’ve even tracked down the special fonts used on the original sign!

Our Merritt Parkway Exit 37 sign is flat printed on sturdy 14-gauge steel. With a glossy, nonreflective finish, it looks great indoors, while also being durable enough to withstand a cold New England winter. We’ve included two mounting holes to make installation easy. Order it in your choice of size:

  • 12 in. × 10 in.
  • 18 in. × 15 in.
  • 24 in. × 20 in.
  • 36 in. × 30 in.

We can make an exit sign like this for any exit from the Merritt Parkway! In fact, we can also make one for any freeway exit in the world! And, of course, we can also make route markers, city limit signs, welcome signs…you name it! Don’t see it on our website? No problem, just place a custom order! Contact Jake to get started!

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