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Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway is one of the oldest scenic parkways in the United States. It has been in use since 1938, when the first section from Greenwich to Norwalk was opened on June 29. In November 1939, the section from Norwalk to Trumbull opened to the public, and in 1940, construction on the last section finally finished. Due to the beautiful scenic nature of the parkway, travelers frequently stopped to picnic alongside the road, which posed a safety hazard to everyone involved. Now, there are dedicated rest areas and convenience stores to allow travelers to enjoy the historic, gorgeous trail (and also refuel while on the 37 miles (60 km) of road), without causing any accidents. Merritt Parkway also has notable bridges, reflecting the popular Art Deco style of the time, while also incorporating neoclassical and modern design.

Our recreated Merritt Parkway sign is made to the exact Connecticut state standards for this historic road, posted periodically throughout the area. We have brought this sign back to life in exacting, painstaking detail for your viewing pleasure. Every aspect of the sign, from the unique shape to the flower details and font style, is precisely how it appeared along the route, before the state did a re-design of the route markers in 2001. Just like the signs on the road in 1937, our replica is non-reflective and looks just as good (sometimes even better!) than the reflective versions under most lighting. Use this elegant display piece to liven up any garage, office, bar, or anywhere else your love for this beautiful drive in Connecticut.

This lovely Merritt Parkway sign is flat-printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It’s durable enough to easily endure the elements outdoors, while still being just as fabulous indoors as well. Choose the size that works best for you: 11 inches × 11½ inches, 16½ inches × 17⅛ inches,  22 inches × 22⅞ inches, or 33 inches. × 34¼ inches. Two mounting holes are pre-drilled for easy installation. (Looking for a size not listed here? Or maybe you want an entirely different road sign, from anywhere in the world? We’d be happy to help! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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