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The Daniel Boone Parkway was a toll road in southeastern Kentucky. It opened in 1971, connecting Interstate 75 near London with the town of Hazard. Named after Kentucky explorer and pioneer Daniel Boone, it was marked with unique circular markers bearing the frontiersman’s image. In 2003, the bonds that financed the road were paid off, and the parkway became a free road. At this time, it was officially renamed the Hal Rogers Parkway, after the local congressman. All of the Daniel Boone signage was retired, with (considerably blander) Hal Rogers Parkway markers installed in their stead.

We’ve revived the classic Daniel Boone Parkway circular markers once found along the roads of Kentucky. We’ve reproduced every detail with precision, using photographs of original signage as reference. Our replica is the closest you can get to having one of the genuine signs used between 1971 and 2003. Since their removal twenty years ago, original markers like this have become quite scarce on the collector’s market. Our faithful replica allows you to add a little bit of frontier charm to any space, while avoiding the time and expense of tracking an original down.

Our replica Daniel Boone Parkway marker is flat printed on durable 14-gauge steel. Its durable finish is rugged enough to withstand the elements outdoors, just like Daniel Boone himself.  Thanks to its glossy, non-reflective finish, though, it looks great indoors too. Take your pick of sizes: 16, 20, 24, and 36 inches in diameter. We’ve included two pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation in all of them. (Looking for another classic turnpike marker like this one, either from Kentucky or another state? Or perhaps some other classic Kentucky sign? We can help! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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