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In the far southwest corner of Louisiana, close to the Texas border, the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road offers visitors a way to experience the best of Louisiana’s Outback. As one of the 19 trails in the state’s Trails & Byways program established in 1991, the Creole Nature Trail covers 207 miles of the prairies, marshes, and shores along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The four wildlife refuges along the trail provide ample opportunities to see a variety of wildlife indigenous to the area—including alligators, which is why one of them is the key feature of this sign. In fact, the alligators are so common in the area and all along this trail that there are signs posted at several popular alligator crossing areas throughout.

The Creole Nature Trail runs both west to east and south to north on its journey through Louisiana’s Outback. The west-east portion travels from the Texas state line along Highway 82, providing near-continuous views of the Gulf Coast, to the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge. The south-north portion has two main branches: one that splits off from Highway 82 at the town of Creole, and another that splits off at Holly Beach. The Holly Beach branch follows State Highway 27 to its junction with Interstate 10, near Sulphur. The Creole section has a few smaller branches along its route, but the endpoint at another junction with I-10 near Lake Charles is the northernmost one.

Our take on the Creole Nature Trail All American Road sign, complete with the smiling alligator in the middle, is printed on heavy, 14-gauge steel. Its non-reflective, glossy finish is perfect for everyday display, and durable enough to endure both indoor and outdoor conditions. We’ve made this sign available in a variety of sizes to meet your display needs. Enjoy it in sizes ranging from 12 in. × 9.6 in. all the way up to 30 in. × 24 in. Each size includes two mounting holes for your convenience. (Want a size that’s not listed here? Or one from a scenic byway elsewhere in the country? We’d be happy to help you out! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)


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