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We’ve faithfully duplicated the classic blue and white U.S. National Wildlife Refuge shield, as used in the 1930s. The name of the relevant authority, the U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, appears at the top of the shield. Below that is a drawing of a goose. At the bottom of the shield is the text “National Wildlife Refuge”. (A somewhat similar sign, with a quail instead of a goose, and a yellow and black color scheme, was in use for Texas Wildlife Refuges at the time.)

Inevitably, a sign like this will sell for hundreds of dollars in the rare occasion it turns up on the collector’s market. Get a wonderful display item for just a fraction of the price of the originals with one of our replicas.

Our National Wildlife Refuge goose sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a weatherproof, glossy coating that is a perfect match for the porcelain finish of the original sign. Install it anywhere you like, indoors or outdoors; it will serve for years looking just as great as the day you got it! Our replicas are printed here in the USA and are always made to the highest standards of quality. We offer this sign in two sizes. Choose from that of the original, 13½ by 15 inches, or our extra-large 26-by-31-inch version. Both sizes have two convenient mounting holes for easy installation.

Have a sign you’re looking for, but don’t see it on our website? Don’t worry, we can still make it for you! We can make pretty much any any road sign, from anywhere in the world, and other types of signs too! Let’s get started on your custom order—contact Jake today to get started.

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