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The states of Arizona and Nevada opened the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge across the Colorado River in 2010. Before its opening, traffic on US-93 crossed the river on Hoover Dam. The new bridge, located just downstream of the dam, allowed traffic on US-93 a much safer and less congested crossing. A few years after its opening, the Hoover Dam Bypass became the beginning point for a brand-new Interstate highway designation, Interstate 11.

When the bridge first opened, traffic entering Nevada was greeted by a standard white “Welcome to Nevada” sign. Sometime between 2019 and 2021, the Nevada Department of Transportation installed a new concrete marker at the western end of the bridge. Inlaid into this concrete marker is a blue sign in the shape of Nevada. The crest from the state flag is displayed in the center of the sign. This sign is perfectly placed to both welcome travelers on the bridge to the state, while also being easily seen up close by pedestrians on the footpath out onto the bridge.

Bring a little piece of the Hoover Dam home with you with our replica of the welcome sign found on its bypass bridge. Our version of this sign is accurately recreated from photos of the original, as well as source materials for the Nevada state flag. While the original functions as a highway sign, our replica makes a great addition to the home decor of anyone who loves the state of Nevada. As far as we know, there is exactly one sign of this design in all of Nevada, and the State Police knows exactly where that is. Our replica lets you add a copy to your garage, bar, man cave, or elsewhere while leaving the original where it belongs, on the Hoover Dam Bypass.

Our Nevada Hoover Dam Bypass state line sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective, with a glossy finish capable of taking a beating from the harsh Nevada desert sun. Choose from sizes ranging from 10 in. × 15 in. up to 28 in. × 42 in. All versions include two pre-drilled holes for convenient installation. (Looking for a different style of state line sign, from Nevada or some other state? We’re happy to help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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