Nevada Interstate 515 highway marker



Interstate 515 links I-15 in downtown Las Vegas to one of its largest suburbs, Henderson. It’s one of the busiest highways in the state of Nevada. Past Henderson, the freeway continues on to the Hoover Dam area as Interstate 11. Eventually, this highway is planned to extend onward to Phoenix. The Nevada Department of Transportation has requested that I-515 be renumbered as part of I-11. This request was approved in October 2022. As a result, at some point in 2023, shiny new I-11 shields will replace every I-515 shield currently posted.

Our replica Nevada Interstate 515 route sign is made to the exact standards used in 1961 for signs of this type. Every detail of this sign is made according to the spec, including the fonts used, the text sizes, and their layout. Even the curves of the shield shape are completely accurate to the standards. Our replicas are the most accurate you’ll find on the market!

Our Nevada Interstate 515 marker is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective finish pairs well with the decor of any room. You can also install it outdoors, even in the harsh desert sun of Las Vegas, and it will serve well for years. Choose one of four sizes. We offer two scaled-down sizes, 12.6 in. × 10.8 in. and 21 in. × 18 in. We also have two that are the actual sizes used in the field: the 28 in. × 24 in. used on the side streets, and the 42 in. × 36 in. size found on the actual freeway. No matter which size you pick, we’ve included two convenient mounting holes to make installation a snap.

We can also do custom orders! If you want a size not listed here, all you have to do is ask. If you’re looking for a different Interstate sign, from Nevada or any other state, we can help with that as well! And we can make just about any other road sign you can think of, too! Contact Jake today to get started on your custom order!


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