New Mexico State Road 666 highway marker



These days, if you look at a map of New Mexico, you’ll find no trace of a highway 666 anywhere. But for many years, there was a highway 666 (albeit a US route, not a state one), running from Gallup to Shiprock and on into Colorado and Utah. This highway was renumbered to 491 in 2003, to appease the superstitious.

For those hellbent on being non-appeasing, we offer this one-of-a-kind New Mexico State Road 666 sign. This is sign is made to the exact 1949 state standard, but with the yellow background changed to black for a more devilish look. Other than that, it uses the standard fonts and layout typical of signage of that era. It’ll go perfectly into your garage alongside your rat rod, hearse, or basket full of fluffy kittens. The possibilities are endless!

Our New Mexico State Road 666 sign is flat printed on heavy gauge steel. It is a nonreflective sign (reflective black is a trick nobody has pulled off for a long time). Its high gloss finish looks great indoors, but stands up to the elements outdoors too, even in the New Mexico desert. We offer this sign in a range of sizes, from 12 inches in diameter up to 36 inches in diameter. All sizes will include two convenient pre-drilled mounting holes. (Looking for another sign, from New Mexico or elsewhere? We can help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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