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State Route 87 is a highway in Ohio. It connects Cleveland to its suburb of Beachwood, as well as other outlying areas to the east. In addition to Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County, it also passes through Geauga and Trumbull counties. Although Ohio state routes have always been signed with a marker in the shape of the state, originally, the sign panel was cut to match the state’s boundaries. For much of this time markers included the number underneath the word “OHIO”. Over time, increased speeds on America’s highways resulted in a need for higher visibility. In 1962, the word “OHIO” was eliminated from the signs to make room for larger numbers. These markers, in the cutout shape and with large numbers, would remain in use until about 1970,  when the present-day design was introduced.

Our Ohio State Route 87 marker is a faithful recreation of the classic 1962-style route marker. The sign is a precise replica, with the exact Ohio outline and fonts used for the original. You aren’t likely to find an original Ohio State Route 87 marker on the collector’s market anytime soon. If you do, because markers in this style were only in use for about eight years, they would almost certainly carry a premium price. Save money and get the display piece you want with our handsome replica.

Our Ohio 87 sign is flat printed on 14-gauge steel. It has a high gloss finish that allows it to serve you for years to come, even when installed outside. Mounting holes are included to make it easy to attach to a wall or pole. Choose from the following sizes:

  • 11⅞ in. × 12¼ in.
  • 15¾ in. × 16⅜ in.
  • 23⅝ in. × 24⅝ in.
  • 35½ in. × 36⅞ in.

We would be happy to make a marker like this for any state route in Ohio! We can also make it in the older styles as well, including the word “OHIO”, and even the early style with the block fonts. And, of course, we can make state route markers from any state, too! Placing a custom order is easy: all you have to do is contact Jake!

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