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California’s State Route 9 passes through the Santa Cruz Mountains just outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting at SR 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, in Santa Cruz, it wends its way through the San Lorenzo Valley and into the mountains, topping out at 2,608 feet above the Pacific in the Saratoga Gap. From there, the road descends through Saratoga to its end at State Route 17 in Los Gatos.

We’ve followed the exact 1964 standard in making our rendition of the California State Route 9 marker. (1964 is when the California highway marker changed colors from white to green.) To the present day, markers with just a few minor updates to this design are still in use along the highway. It is flat printed in the United States on a heavy-gauge steel blank in the shape of a miner’s spade. We’ve made the layout 100% accurate to standards and use the correct FHWA Series fonts, as we do with all our signs.

This sign is available in 3 sizes: 17.8 × 18.7 inches, 23.75 × 25 inches, or the freeway size, 35.6 × 37.3 inches. For your convenience, all three sizes come with mounting holes pre-drilled. This is a non-reflective sign —perfect for ordinary display, indoors or outdoors. Want a different size, or another route number in the same design? Just contact Jake to place a custom order.

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11.875 in. × 12.4375 in., 17.8 in. × 18.7 in., 23.75 in. × 25 in., 35.6 in × 37.3 in.

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