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State Route 17 in California connects San Jose with Santa Cruz, providing a more direct route than State Route 9 through the Santa Cruz Mountains. (The two highways begin within miles of each other at SR 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, in Santa Cruz, and SR 9 ends at SR 17 in Los Gatos.) The highway heads north from Santa Cruz as a freeway, then climbs 1,800 feet up to Patchen Pass (locally just called “the summit”), about 1,600 feet lower than Route 9. State Route 17 descends from the mountains into Los Gatos, where it becomes a freeway once again. It then proceeds north to San Jose, feeding into the beginning of Interstate 880, which continues all the way to Oakland.

Our California State Route 17 sign follows the exact 1964 standards used by the state of California to make its signs. (This is the year when the California highway marker first became green; before then, it was black and white.) Every detail is accurate to the standards, and uses the correct FHWA Series fonts. This green miner’s spade design is still used to the present day, with only a few slight updates to the marker since 1964. Our California State Route markers are flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel in the United States, as with all our sizes.

Our California State Route 17 sign is ready for immediate installation, indoors or outdoors, with mounting holes pre-drilled for your convenience. It is available in the following sizes:

  • 11.875 in. × 12.4375 in.
  • 17.8 in. × 18.7 in.
  • 23.75 in. × 25 in. (the usual size found along conventional highways)
  • 35.6 in. × 37.3 in. (the size used along the freeways)

We can make these signs in additional sizes, and with any route number. We can also make just about any road sign from anywhere in the world, be it a route marker, boundary sign, directional sign, or anything else! If you don’t see it on our website, just contact Jake to place a custom order.

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11.875 in. × 12.4375 in., 17.8 in. × 18.7 in., 23.75 in. × 25 in., 35.6 in × 37.3 in.

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