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In the 1940s, the city of Pittsburgh was growing, leading to traffic congestion in its downtown area. To encourage motorists to bypass downtown on their travels throughout the city, Allegheny County devised a series of belt routes encircling the county. They were designated the Red Belt, Orange Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Blue Belt, from outermost to innermost, following the order of colors of the rainbow. Though the Pittsburgh area now has a number of freeways to facilitate faster travel throughout the area, the belt routes are still signed along the surface streets around Allegheny County.

Our replica Allegheny County belt route markers are exact replicas of those originally installed along the routes in 1951. These markers feature a large circle in the color of the route being marked, with the belt name written in a custom font only ever used for belt route signage. (The markers currently installed are of the same basic design, though they now typically use Helvetica as the font.) We’ve accurately replicated these original markers using photos of original signs installed in the field, letting you return to the heyday of the belt route system, before the Interstate System came to Pittsburgh!

Our Allegheny County belt route signs are flat printed in the USA on heavy, 14-gauge American steel. They have a glossy, non-reflective finish allowing them to serve with distinction both indoors and out. To make installation easy, we’ve also included convenient mounting holes. Select one of the following sizes:

  • 12 in. × 12 in. (for the decorator on a budget)
  • 16 in. × 16 in. (actual size of some early US road signs)
  • 24 in. × 24 in. (actual size of markers posted today)
  • 36 in. × 36 in. (posted in some locations where visibility is critical, like at an important junction or on a high-speed road)

Looking for another road sign, from the Pittsburgh area or somewhere else? We can make just about anything from anywhere in the world! Get started on your custom order today by contacting Jake!

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