Sweden moose (elk) warning sign


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Collisions between cars and animals are a sad but unavoidable danger all drivers face. Of course, the bigger the animal gets, the higher the risk of damage to the vehicle and injuries to those inside it. The moose, typically called the elk in Europe, can be especially hazardous. Some moose can weigh as much as 1500 pounds (700 kg)! The animal’s high center of gravity is above the hood of many small cars, meaning that they can be entirely crushed should they run into a moose. Striking a moose may cause serious injury or even death to driver and moose alike. In 2018, a University of Massachusetts study determined that about 3% of that state’s moose population died each year from motor vehicle collisions.

Highway engineers have several means of mitigating the hazard of moose strike. Direct measures, such as fencing to keep moose off the roadway, make sense in some situations. However, the costs can quickly add up when miles of highway need to be protected. The most cost-effective solution is to make drivers aware of the possibility of moose on the road, in hopes of making them more prepared to avoid a collision.  That’s why just about every jurisdiction that has moose also has some form of moose warning sign. In Sweden, drivers will see a yellow-and-red triangle (the standard Swedish warning sign) with the silhouette of a moose, or alg in Swedish.

Show your respect and healthy amount of fear for the moose with our replica Swedish moose warning sign. It’s made according to the exact national standards used by the Trafikverket for its warning signs. Add it to your cabin, office, man cave, garage, or anywhere else needing a bit of backwoods charm!

Our Swedish moose warning sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective, with a smooth, glossy finish that makes a handsome addition to your home decor. It can be installed outdoors as well, and will serve for years to come, even through harsh Scandinavian winters. We’ve made this sign available in your choice of four sizes, from 13¼ in. × 11⅜ in. to 40 in. × 34⅜ in. We’ve also included two mounting holes to make installation simple. (We’d be happy to make any kind of warning sign for you, from anywhere in the world! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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