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The Texas Independence Trail is one of ten routes comprising the Texas Heritage Trails scenic route program. The Texas Highway Department, under the direction of Governor John Connally, set up these trails in 1968, with a goal of promoting tourism. Each of the trails was in the form of a loop, following various state highways in different parts of the state. The Texas Historical Commission expanded the scope of the Texas Heritage Trails program in 1998. By dividing Texas up into ten regions, each centered around each of the trails, the Commission aimed to increase the number of visitors to historic and cultural sites in each region. The intent was to increase the amount of tourism money flowing to the smaller towns in each region.

The Texas Independence Trail is located in the southeastern part of the state. It loops around the region between San Antonio and Austin. Along the route, you’ll find special blue-and-white signs with the image of a pioneer’s arm hoisting a rifle. Our replica of these signs is made according to the exact specifications used by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Historical Commission to create the original signs. The fonts used for the text, the icon, and the sizes and layout of both are a precise duplicate of the signs you’ll see out on the road. Our replicas are just like having the real thing—but without running the risk of drawing the ire of the Texas Rangers!

Our Texas Independence Trail sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. This replica is non-reflective to make it an handsome indoor display piece. Its glossy coating is rugged enough for outdoor display in the harsh Texas sun and rain as well. We offer this sign in the same 42-inch × 24-inch size you’ll find in the field. For more convenient display, we also make it available in scaled-down versions as small as 14 in. × 8 in., as well as a massive 63 in. × 36 in. size. We’ve included two convenient mounting holes to make installation a snap. (Got a hankering for another Texas road sign, or one from some other place? Or maybe you’ve got a need to have this sign in a size not shown here? We can help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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