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Interstate 10 in Texas is the longest segment of Interstate within one state. It enters the state in El Paso, crossing the state at its widest point, crossing into Louisiana east of Orange. (A helpful mileage sign appears near Orange, showing you exactly how far you have to go in the state.) Orange is closer to Jacksonville, Florida, the east end of I-10, than it is to El Paso! Likewise, El Paso is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Orange! Along its path in Texas, I-10 passes through a wide variety of surroundings, from the deserts east of El Paso, to the Texas Hill Country, the major cities of San Antonio and Houston, and the start of bayou country as it approaches Louisiana.

Our Texas Interstate 10 route marker is made to the exact specifications that appeared in the original 1957 sign manual. These signs were the ones installed along Interstate 10 during its original construction in the late 1950s and through the 1960s. Newer issues have larger numbers and often omit the state name. These newer versions have largely replaced the original style as seen here. It is a rare sight indeed to see one of the 1957-style markers along the road in Texas—by the time you’re reading this, there may be none left.

Our Texas Interstate 10 highway sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its durable, non-reflective finish is strong enough to withstand the elements outdoors, but makes a great addition to any room indoors as well. Choose from four sizes, from 12 inches square all the way up to 36 inches square. All sizes include mounting holes to make installation easy as pie.

We’d be happy to make a shield like this for any combination of state name and route number you can think of! Don’t see it on our site? Just ask! We can even make it in a custom size for you. We can also make the US and state route markers of your choice too. All you have to do to place a custom order is contact Jake.

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