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In 1792, the Commonwealth of Virginia enacted a law against “profane swearing”. Despite probably conflicting with the right to free speech under the First Amendment (which was added to the Constitution the previous year), the no-swearing law was never challenged in court, and remained on the books for over 225 years. In the oceanfront city of Virginia Beach, the law was enforced in an attempt to promote a family-friendly environment for vacationers. To dissuade members of the public from swearing, signage was erected in tourist areas. These signs had comic-style depictions of profanity (which are called grawlixes) with a no sign over top of them. These signs were eventually removed in 2019, as local business owners were afraid they made the area seem unwelcoming. The no-swearing law was ultimately repealed in 2020.

Our Virginia Beach No Swearing sign is a replica of the signs that were posted in Virginia Beach. Using existing photos as reference, we’ve made ours to be just like the original signs in almost every way. Our No Swearing sign makes a humorous addition to any collection of signage or transportation memorabilia. It can also be used to remind visitors of the rules in spaces where swearing is not allowed. Original No Swearing signs are very rare to find scrapped; most of them were sold for scrap just before the pandemic. With our replica, you can add this unusual sign to your collection, without the cost and hassle of tracking down an original.

Our replica Virginia Beach No Swearing sign is flat printed on heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. It will serve you well both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its durable, non-reflective finish. Choose from sizes of 12, 16, 24, and 36 inches in diameter. All sizes will include convenient mounting holes, to prevent any need for any cursing during installation!

Is there another sign you might want a replica of, but you don’t see it on our website? Just let us know! We have hundreds of signs in our library, and for anything we don’t yet have, we are happy to accept custom orders! Just contact Jake to get started!

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