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State Route 190 is a highway in California that exists in two parts. One begins at SR-99 just south of Tipton and proceeds east of there, dead-ending in the middle of Sequoia National Forest. On the other side of the Sierras, State Route 190 picks up again, this time starting at US-395 and heading into the depths of Death Valley. It passes through the national park of the same name before ending at Death Valley Junction, where it meets SR-127, roughly five miles from the Nevada state line.

Relive your adventures in Sequoia National Forest and Death Valley with our California State Route 190 highway marker. It’s made according to the exact Caltrans standards for signs of this type. Our replicas are just like the real thing, except without all the hassles and criminality of hauling one out of the desert yourself! This sign makes a great addition to any bar, garage, man cave, bedroom, or any other room in need of a touch of the Mojave or Sequoias!

Our California State Route 190 highway marker is flat printed on 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy but non-reflective finish, allowing it to blend well with any decor. But that doesn’t mean it can’t stand up to the elements, too—it’ll last for years in an outdoor environment, even under the hot desert sun! We offer this route marker in its original size of 27.75 in. × 24.836 in., as well as two scaled-down sizes for easy indoor display, and the 41.625 in. × 37.254 in. freeway-size sign. We’ve also included two convenient mounting holes for easy installation. (We can make route markers like this for any number! And not just for California, but just about any region that has route markers! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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