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The various state highway departments across the U.S. have always been free to design their state route markers however they wish. Most states selected either a map of the state, or some symbol having to do with what their state is known for. However, starting with the 1961 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the federal government began to include a default state highway marker, for states that didn’t feel the need to use a custom design. This marker is a humble white circle on a black background. It has been used, at one time or another, in Delaware, Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Puerto Rico.

Our circular State Route 100 marker replica follows the exact federal standards laid out in the 1961 MUTCD. It can be used to represent Highway 100 in any of the states listed above. Thanks to its simple design, it can also be used for just about any situation you might need a sign with the number 100 on it. Celebrating a centennial of some kind? Grandpa’s 100th birthday? Marking 100% completion of something? Really enthusiastic about the boiling point of water in degrees Celsius? The possibilities are endless!

Our replica circular State Route 100 marker is flat printed in the USA on heavy 14-gauge steel. You can install it anywhere, indoors or out, thanks to its durable, glossy, non-reflective finish. We offer it in four standard sizes, from 12 inches square up to 36 inches square. All four sizes include convenient pre-drilled mounting holes.

This sign is fully customizable! Change out the route number or make it a different size. We’ve also got you covered on state route markers from the other states, as well as Interstate and US route markers! Place your custom order today—just contact Jake to get started!

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